Aimoriyama is
a Kurume Kasuri studio
that was established in Ansei 5.

History of Aimoriyama

Fine Patterns
Beautiful Indigo.

Created with inherited techniques
Fine patterns and vivid indigo.

Aimoriyama is a Kurume Kasuri studio founded in 1872.
The kasuri is woven by hand without the use of scientific dyes, and features delicate patterns and a soft texture that only Aimoriyama can produce.

Kurume Kasuri

Beautiful dyes and patterns.

The indigo and white designs
are created with patience and skill.

Kurume Kasuri is produced in the Chikugo area of southern Fukuoka Prefecture. It is woven using yarn that has been dyed and dyed in advance using a technique called “kukuri” to create a pattern. It is also considered one of the three major kasuri in Japan.

Tours and Workshops

Indigo Dyeing Workshop and Tours.

Workshop tours and workshops are
available throughout the year.

Kurume Kasuri is an important technique in the history of Japanese dyeing that has been passed down to the present day. We offer tours of our workshops throughout the year so that you can actually see these techniques in action. If you would like to take a tour, please feel free to contact us for a time and date.


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